Heavy Duty Towing Services in Atlanta, GA

24/7 Heavy Towing Company in Atlanta

ATL Heavy Towing and Recovery provides 24/7 quick and professional towing services for heavy-duty trucks in Atlanta, GA. Our team of professional drivers arrive on time and take good care of your vehicle.


Why You Need Our Towing Services

heavy duty towing

Truck Breakdown

If you find your truck breaks down on the road, you need towing services to get it to a safe location so you can get it repaired.

Road Accident

Big trucks can sustain damage that prevents them from being driven after a road accident. Towing services get your semi-truck off the road safely.

Commercial Trucking

Truck leasing companies and other fleet operators benefit from having ready access to the services of a heavy-duty towing company, allowing you to send rescue to your truck drivers right away.

What to Look for in a Heavy Duty Towing Company?

Serves a wide area

Years of experience

Quick response time

 Affordable services

Why Choose Us?

The ATL Heavy Towing and Recovery team has been in the industry for over 27 years, coming to the rescue of heavy-duty trucks and wrecked vehicles. No matter what problem your truck is facing, our team will promptly come to help.

Our tow trucks are equipped with the right gears and equipment, allowing us to tow vehicles up to 80,000 pounds. Apart from the reliability of your our equipment, though, our drivers are remarkable, too.

Our team is made up of professionally trained tow truck drivers. Their focus is to come to your rescue as soon as possible. While other towing companies will make you wait for hours and hours, ATL Heavy Towing and Recovery will arrive when we promise we’re going to be there.

Get a Free Quote

ATL Heavy Towing and Recovery provides 24/7 towing services in Atlanta and takes care of heavy-duty trucks that require special care. When it comes to towing, trust in our experienced drivers to handle it for you.

Call us at 470-460-0785 for a free quote.

Frequently Asked Questions

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